The babysitter who loved a hot sex show

I was 18 years old and was the regular babysitter for a baby of a couple in our neighborhood. This couple is also very good friends with my parents. One Friday evening I was on my way to their house to babysit. It was a summer evening and I was also wearing a yellow summer dress up to my knees with a thong and bra underneath. I thought it was going to be another boring night, but never expected this hot sex show.

I had my blonde hair in a ponytail. While walking through the neighborhood, I passed a man walking his dog. He stared at me shamelessly and almost undressed me with his eyes. I had to laugh at this to myself. I think he even looked back as he walked behind me. Although I don’t complain about attention from the boys, I still thought it was a compliment.

I am proud of my breasts

I think I look good, I have a normal build, long blond hair and brown eyes, have long legs and am 1.80 tall. And very proud of my breasts, which are nice and firm and are a size 75C. And a lot of men, including the man with the dog, can’t stop staring at it. My summer dress also has a deep neckline, so in this case it was also my own fault.

hot sex

When I arrived at Erik and Irma’s house, I immediately walked around the back because I suspected that they would be in the garden. It was eight o’clock in the evening and still quite warm. When I walked past the fence of their garden I heard that I was right, I heard Irma talking softly.

Let me help you

I walked around the corner to the fence door and wanted to open it, when I suddenly heard Erik groan softly. I was surprised by this and waited before opening the door, listening carefully again. “If this hot sex weather makes you so horny, let me help you,” I heard Irma say in a soft, hoarse voice.

Again I heard Erik moan softly. This can’t be true, I thought… are they… “Let’s be quick because Linda will be coming soon too,” said Irma. I tried to see through the slats of the fence what was happening there but I couldn’t see it.

I got down on my knees for this hot sex show

Then I saw in a panel next to the fence door that there was a hole below… I got down on my knees and looked through the hole and immediately got horny when I saw what Irma was doing. Erik sat back in the garden chair with a bare torso and shorts. Irma was on her knees in front of him in a bikini with a shawl between his legs and had taken his cock out of the shorts.

He was rock hard and my pussy immediately started itching. He was nice and thick and big, probably 19cm and Irma was jerking him off. “Mmm do you like this, are you going to squirt for me?” She quickly jerked him off with 2 hands. “Ohh, with your mouth,” Erik groaned. “Hihihi,” Irma giggled, “I know better, because you made me horny too.”

She stood up and turned her ass towards Erik, she grabbed his cock from behind and sank onto his lap. “Ooh god yes,” Erik groaned. Irma sank completely onto his lap and moaned too. This was so hot to see…

This hot sex show made me horny as hell

I sat with my hand between my legs rubbing my thong. This show made me horny as hell. In the meantime, Irma rode wildly on Erik’s cock and rubbed her clit with 2 fingers. I look at them from the front and saw Erik’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy and fantasized that he was doing this to me. Irma pounded up and down on that big cock more and more wildly. Erik grabbed Irma’s breasts and kneaded them through her bikini top.

I’m going to come, keep going

“Oh god,” he moaned, “I’m going to come, keep going.” “Mmmmm,” Irma moaned, “fill me up” and she started to rage even more wildly. Suddenly Erik grabbed her hips and pulled her completely onto his cock… with a deep grunt he came. I saw how he thrust his cock deep into her and how he shot throbbing, thick jets into Irma.

Irma still played with her clit and moaned “Oh you’re pumping me completely, ohh how nice, I’m coming too.. oh yessss” and while Irma came shockingly on Erik’s empty cock, I came too. I sat crouched and watched and with my hand between my legs I couldn’t hold it anymore and I came sizzling in that alley.

hot sex

Babysitter time

I looked at my watch, it was almost half past eight, the agreed time. I got up and straightened my clothes a bit. My thong was soaking wet from my horny pussy, but I kept it on. I looked through the fence and saw that Irma was inside, Erik was sitting in his shorts with his cock tucked away in the chair again.

I opened the door as if nothing had happened and said hi to Erik. After all the standard greetings and small talk, Erik and Irma left for their party.

I went to read a book

The baby was already in bed and the baby monitor was on the garden table and I went to read a book while a slightly horny feeling remained in my lower abdomen. And every now and then I would fondly think back to that hot sex show.

Just after twelve, Erik and Irma returned from their party. They had had a great time. I think Erik was a little tipsy too. Irma said she was very tired and went straight to bed. And we said goodbye, she told Erik that he had to pay me. “Just come with me to the kitchen, where my chamber pot is money,” said Erik. And we walked to the kitchen together.

“Thanks again for babysitting,” he said, “20 euros, right?” he said. That’s right. He gave me the money and when I took it I suddenly saw a lustful look in his eyes. His gaze wandered over my body and stopped at my breasts…

I also want to make it 50

He still looked at me with that look and said “I also want to make it 50?” “Really?”, I said. “Well I don’t mind that hihi.” “But,” he said and looked at me with a grin, “then you have to do something.” “Ooww,” I said, “what then?”

And started to suspect something. “Then you have to show me your nice tits, Irma doesn’t have that big ones and I’m horny for your hot sex tits!” he gasped. I looked at him, a little shocked but also horny, because he was so horny for me. I decided to tease him. “Ooh, but that’s not possible, is it? You’re already in your 30s, I can’t show you this young one and I grabbed my breasts and kneaded them, breasts, right?”

Just look

He looked at me with wide eyes, all he could do was stare at my breasts. “Just look,” he said hoarsely, “for 50 euros, come on, do me a favor.” I looked at him with a grin, I had already decided that he could see my tits for 50 euros.

“Okay then,” I said, “but… just look.” I stood right in front of him and slid the straps of my summer dress off my shoulders, very slowly lowering the fabric over my breasts. He was wearing linen pants and as I lowered my dress, he grabbed his crotch with one hand and kneaded his cock, which was clearly rock hard.

I paused at this hot sex sight, but immediately Erik moaned “go on, show them.” “What a dirty man you are,” I said teasingly, “that you let the girl next door turn you on so much.” I lowered my dress further and my breasts popped out. My nipples were already stiff from horniness. “Mmmm so nice,” Erik moaned while still kneading his cock, “what nice tits, so big and firm… fuck, they make me rock hard.”

my breasts popped out..

I can jerk off to you, right?

I laughed and shook my breasts a little, looking at him. “Mmm,” said Erik, “for 50 euros I can jerk off to you, right?” My thoughts immediately went to the sex show from earlier and that nice cock. Before I could answer, he unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor along with his boxers.

His cock stood straight out and was rock hard. It looked even hotter up close. Erik immediately grabbed him and jerked off. “Nice,” he said. And I nodded… he stepped forward and kept pulling. I kept looking at his cock. It made me soaking wet.

They are so hot

He was now standing right in front of me and with his free hand he grabbed my right breast. “Just looking, right?” I groaned. He gasped “they are so hot, I have to play with them.” And he started kneading my other breast. Until then I had been holding my dress up with my hand, but Erik grabbed it and pulled it loose, causing my dress to fall to my ankles and me standing in a thong. He guided my hand to his cock and wrapped it around it.

“Help me,” he groaned. His cock felt wonderfully hard and hot and I gently jerked him off. With both hands free, Erik now kneaded both my breasts, occasionally bending over and sucking on my nipples. I moaned and panted with horniness. I started jerking him off more wildly when I suddenly felt his hand on my thong. He rubbed it and gasped “ohhh you’re soaking wet…”

He shot behind my thong and gave me my own hot sex show

In a flash he shot behind my thong and slid his fingers between my lips and inside me. My grip on his cock tightened and I jerked him wildly. I writhed under his fingers. He soon found my clit and played with it. I was horny as hell and felt that I was going to come, I started panting while Erik moaned “let go, I want to feel you come”.

And a blast of pleasure, which started between my legs, shot through my entire body. With a groan I came shockingly on his fingers and collapsed against him. I stood there for a moment when Erik whispered, “get on your knees.”

Get on your knees

I looked at him with a grin and dropped to my knees in front of him. He looked at me horny. I grabbed his cock and looked up into his eyes as I licked the head of his cock with my tongue. He groaned and immediately grabbed me behind the head, I let his cock slide into my mouth.

“Ooohhh”, he moaned, “how wonderful”, and he started to fuck my mouth. He soon started panting and moaning more heavily and thrusting more wildly as he panted “I’m going to cum all over your hot tits, ohh yes I can’t take it anymore.” He took his cock out of my mouth and groaned “squeeze your tits together”. I pressed them together with my arms, and Erik jerked off above them while I looked straight at him.

Do you want my seed?

“Ooh yes, lovely young tits… Ooooh I’m going to spray them all over, do you want my seed??” “Mmmm yes,” I whispered, “give me everything.” He started jerking and panting and moaned “Ooooh yessss…” and squirted. Three thick jets of white cum shot out of his thick cock over my breasts.

The cum ran between my cleavage and over my stomach. He hit my breasts with his cock and a few last drops of cum leaked onto my breasts. He wiped the head of his cock on my breasts and then stepped back. I was still looking at him. “Mmmm what a hot sight,” he said. They look even more beautiful with seed on top. “Hihi,” I said, “luckily. So it was worth the 50 euros?”