Sex in the store

It is quiet in the store, I walk in and take a look around. We agreed that we would try it in the women’s department. My girlfriend has had a fantasy for a long time. She would like to have sex in a clothing store, and not in a fitting room but between the clothes. I go up one floor and see her immediately, she slowly shuffles between the clothing racks. She hasn’t seen me yet and is looking around a bit nervously. It’s not busy, which is an advantage. I quickly go between the racks and crawl under a rack that she walks past.

A skirt with nothing underneath

For the first time she is wearing a skirt. But she is not wearing anything underneath, because it will take too long and is too difficult to remove all kinds of clothing first. She slowly comes closer, she comes a little closer to the rack. I slide my hand under her skirt and caress her wonderfully firm legs, she trembles for a moment and then partially relaxes.

sex with sexy skirt

I crawl under her skirt and press my mouth on her wonderfully scented pussy. When I slide my tongue along the moist lips, she spreads her legs a little further apart. I slide a finger into her pussy and continue to caress her hard button with my tongue. My finger has become very wet and I pull it out of her pussy. And I slide it carefully into her ass. Another finger immediately disappears into her wet sex pussy. I slowly fuck her with my fingers and lick her clit with my tongue.

First part of the sex fantasy

I feel her hand caressing my head and she can’t really stand still anymore. Slowly she presses her pussy harder against my mouth. Her pussy becomes wetter and I caress her lovely cave with my finger. I make her moan slightly and suddenly she lets herself go. A little fluid runs into my mouth, which I lick up immediately. But she continues to press against my mouth, shockingly. Then she withdraws slightly, I disappear from between the clothing racks. crouching down a bit further into the department store.

My girlfriend looks around strangely, she has lost me and seems to be panicking a bit. Then she turns her head and walks along the shelves with a satisfied face. I know this is the first part of our fantasy, now I have to find where I can fuck her undisturbed among the shoppers. My self is throbbing in my pants, it was wonderful to do this with so much excitement.

I feel my girlfriend’s panties in my pocket

I sit a little further in the store and keep an eye on my girlfriend, she walks quietly between the clothing racks with a satisfied blush on her cheeks. A little further on she is approached by another woman, the way they talk to each other I gather that they know each other well. The store is still very quiet, there are only a few people walking around working in the store.

girlfriend's sex panties

The security cameras rotate quietly, I quietly view the surroundings that they cannot really see. Then I decide to give my girlfriend a turn at a certain place. I feel my cock standing hard in my pants. When I stroke it I feel like I’m almost coming.

The tension and the strange environment mean that I don’t need much to come. I feel my girlfriend’s panties in my pocket, when we left home I quickly put them in my pocket. I walk to the corner of the store, and take a look at the cameras. Just to be sure if anyone can see what we are doing. I soon realize that we don’t stand out there, my girlfriend slowly comes towards me together with the other woman. They stand at a rack for a moment and kiss each other, after which the other woman quietly walks away.

My girlfriend spreads her sex legs

My girlfriend nervously walks towards me. When she is close to me I loosen my pants and take my rock hard cock out of my pants. She watches me with her eyes and when she sees my hard cock she slowly starts to melt. She stands against a rack with her back to me, I stand behind her and stretch the skirt up. Then she spreads her legs a little further apart and lowers herself slightly forward. My cock slides effortlessly into her wet pussy. When I’m in it up to my balls I have to stay still for a moment otherwise I’ll immediately fill her pussy with my warm cum.

My girlfriend notices this and wonderfully squeezes my pole with her pussy. I can’t hold back and push my cock into her as far as possible and come shockingly. Shooting my seed into her with several large jets. She laughs softly as she stands up. Pushes my cock out of her pussy, pulls her panties from my pocket, and puts them on. I get a kiss from her and then she walks away laughing. She walks around the clothes rack and looks at me intently.

She walks away

“As you can see, you sex too fast, honey, now I can think of something for you to do. I’ll think about it calmly. Just keep in mind that I will come up with something fun.” She walks away laughing. While blowing me a kiss she disappears into the large department store. I put my limp cock back in my pants and also walk out of the department store.