Sex in the gym

SEX in the GYM. It was another Wednesday afternoon as normal. We (Sandra and I, Sanne) had agreed to go to the gym.

After an hour of hard training we stopped and quickly went into the sauna. It was very quiet there, besides the two of us there was another boy. He was about 28 years old, had long dark blond hair and he probably trained regularly, because what a chest he had! The moment we came in we knew we wanted to have sex with him, but he went just went out to take a cold shower and relax on the beach chairs.

Sex in the sauna

A little (sex) shy

After a few minutes he sat down in the steam bath. Sandra immediately fell in love with him and suggested we also go into the steam bath. We left the sauna and quickly took a cold shower. We both got hard nipples from this and went into the steam bath giggling about it.

There he sat in the mist, with his hands in front of his penis, looking a little shy. Sandra and I sat down next to each other and started chatting about anything and everything. In the meantime he was looking at us secretly, my breasts in particular caught his attention.

He introduced himself as Bas

Sandra broke the ice and asked him if he came here often. This was his first time here, he had just moved here. While she continued talking to him, I lay down comfortably, just so that he could get a good look at me.

Sex in steambath

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that he couldn’t take his eyes off me, he definitely wanted sex. Sandra also noticed this and started caressing my legs, while she also spread her legs slightly… He introduced himself as Bas.

I asked him to sit next to me for some sex

Meanwhile, my friend started to stroke me higher and higher. She had already reached my thigh and she asked him if he found us attractive. He could no longer deny that because his penis started to take beautiful shapes. I asked him to sit next to me. I sat down again, but still with my legs slightly spread, so that Sandra could continue caressing me calmly.

A French kiss that I will remember for a long time

He didn’t know how he felt when I gave him a kiss on his nice broad chest. He then grabbed my face and gave me a French kiss that I will remember for a long time. In the meantime, Sandra started kissing my lovely full breasts and then continued licking my shaved pussy.

Bas could no longer keep his hands to himself and started massaging my breasts. I couldn’t resist so I started slowly jerking off his fully grown cock. My god, I could use both hands for that! I let Bas sit between us and together we started to jerk him off.

hot ass

He warned us

After a while Sandra bent down and planted a big kiss on the head of his big cock. He warned us that he wouldn’t last long!

Now it was my turn to give him a blow job with dedication and in no time his body started to shake. I felt the first waves of cum running into my mouth. In the meantime my friend had started licking my bald pussy again. Bas’ cock remained stiff at that sight.

I continued to play

He wanted to have sex with my friend, he said, and she wanted nothing more. He sat with his legs open and Sandra sat on his lap with his back to him. Excruciatingly slowly she lowered herself over his cock. In the meantime, I continued to play with my bald pussy and the sight of my girlfriend and Bas’ thick cock soon made me cum. My girlfriend had also already come, she slid off his lap.

I lowered my whole body to have sex

I took her place, but instead of immediately lowering myself over his thick cock, I first rubbed my slippery lips with the head of his cock. My girlfriend took a seat in front of us and took his cock from me. She rubbed it on my smooth pussy and then licked it clean. Then she suddenly pushed him in and I lowered my whole body onto his lap. After a few thrusts, his body began to jerk for the second time. I quickly got off his lap and pushed his cock towards my friend’s mouth who swallowed it down with dedication and let it squirt until nothing more came.

We then took a shower with a big kiss on his cock head.