A quickie with Kiki

Last weekend at a birthday party in a rented cafe I met her. I knew her by sight, knew that she had recently been divorced and always thought she was an attractive woman. A well-groomed, well-dressed, good-looking tanned lady, with a good figure and beautiful full breasts. I guessed she was in her early fifties. Just a nice appearance. A wonderful milf who was in for a quickie!

Hi, I’m Kiki and in for a quickie

I was sitting at the bar talking to some friends. She joined our group and introduced herself to me “Hi, I’m Kiki”. I shook her hand firmly and introduced myself as well. “There, finally a man with a strong hand,” she said, holding it just a little too long. I started talking to her and offered her something to drink. She wanted a white wine, she indicated. Meanwhile she came closer and closer. I was still sitting on my bar stool. Kiki was a few white wines away. My friends were now talking to people a little further away and my wife was also standing a little further away with friends. I now felt Kiki’s leg touching my knee.

Hi, I’m Kiki, here for a quickie

Kiki was starting to get a little tipsy

“Have you been on vacation? she asked. “Yes, about three months ago, to Ibiza,” I replied. “Hey, that’s a coincidence, I just came from there,” she replied back. Kiki was starting to get a little tipsy, I noticed. That was a sign for me to elicit some more spicy statements from her. “Have you been with your children? I asked. She came a little closer between my legs. My cock started to respond. Her head moved forward a little and she whispered in my ear, “No, I’ve been alone.” I looked at her questioningly. “But I didn’t lack anything,” she continued, winking and then feeling my crotch with her slender hand and long, thin fingers. “Mmmm, he’s looking forward to it too,” she said softly and smiled challengingly at me. Startled, I looked around and made sure my wife didn’t notice anything.

Around the corner in five minutes for a quickie

By now I had become quite excited, sat with a huge stiff cock in my pants and felt that I had a heavy bag. “I live around the corner,” she whispered hotly, ran her tongue provocatively along her red lips and ran her hand over my stiff cock that was stuck in my pants. “Around the corner in five minutes, number 26.” I nodded.

A quickie with kiki

A horny and hungry quickie

I waved to my wife that I was going outside to smoke. Quickly I hurried around the corner and rang Kiki’s doorbell. I think she was waiting behind the door because it opened immediately. She pulled me in and immediately kissed me full on the mouth. Horny and hungry for a hard cock, she tongued me fervently. While undoing my belt and sliding my pants down for a quickie. She knelt down and started giving me a greedy blowjob in the hall. She tasted like it was a delight. I had become so excited by this horny divorced beautiful MILF that I really had to do my best not to immediately squirt her lovely warm mouth full. I quickly pulled my wet cock out of her mouth.

Mmmm, fuck me, fuck me hard

I pushed her forward and pulled up her red dress. The horny woman was not wearing any panties. She laughed: “That saves taking it off, Mav. I never wear panties.” I placed my cock against her soaking wet pussy. This easily slid completely into her fuck hole. “Mmmm, fuck me, fuck me hard,” she said softly, “let me feel that cock.” I rammed my cock fast and hard up and down her still tight slit. The excitement didn’t last long for both her and me. After two minutes we both came almost at the same time and I emptied my bag into her pussy. The cum mixed with her pussy juices flowed down her legs and out of her pussy.

You go back already

She knelt again. Due to the tension on her legs and stomach, it had become quite wet in her hall after this quickie. She licked my soaking wet cock clean, swallowed everything and said with a look at her delicious pussy: “You go back already. I’ll clean everything down below and be right over.”

I walked back into the cafe

As if nothing had happened, I walked back into the cafe. My wife gestured that I had smoked at least two cigarettes. I nodded. Five minutes later Kiki came back in and asked for my mobile number, winking.

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