Fuck my ex ’s best friend

It had been a while since I wanted to fuck my ex ’s best friend and I was looking forward to it again. I sent her a text and she indicated that she had been alone for a while and would like to catch up.

Of course we both knew which way it would go and I had taken a pill for an extra rock hard cock. I had a nice shower and a nice scent as I stood at her front door. She opened the door and pressed herself against me, where I felt her lovely soft tits.

But first..

Her hands went over my chest and she said, you’re so hot. But first let’s have a nice chat; a glass of wine and something to eat. She sat comfortably next to me and our legs rubbed against each other. With the coffee she sat close to me and I caressed her lovely thighs. My hands went to her breasts and she just said; hmmmm do you like them?

Big beautiful breasts, fuck ex

Of course I love those beautiful breasts. I felt under her blouse and with my fingers I massaged her lovely hard nipples. I felt a hand in my pants and she panted in my ear; I want to feel that wonderful cock of yours while doing a handjob. It didn’t last long either; I pulled her onto the couch and ripped the clothes off her body.

Fuck my ex ’s best friend here and now

She did the same to me and suddenly I was standing in front of her hairy pussy with my rock-hard pole. She was wet between her legs and I went and tasted her delicious pussy. I slid my tongue up the inside of her thighs and licked her clit. Her mouth was open and I heard a high-pitched squeak, after which she squirted all over me.

With such a soaking wet pussy I couldn’t hold it anymore. I grabbed her legs and pulled them towards my rock hard cock. Rammed my cock into her pussy in one go; up to my balls…

Fuck ex best friend hard

She screamed and gasped and all I heard was; FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD, I rammed my cock into her horny pussy like I was a piling machine, and she just got hornier and hornier. I felt her pussy juices flowing down my cock. She wanted everything from me.

Fucking hell!

She grunted and moaned; and said: squirt my pussy full, I want your seed, I have never been so horny. I couldn’t hold back anymore and, while moaning, I squirted her entire cunt full, it dripped down my cock and onto the couch. We both had to recover for 1/2 hour, but then we continued to spoil each other wonderfully….

More stories to come..

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